1What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using a headset and/or controllers.
2How does it work?
When you book online, you rent a VR Station for your desired amount of time. When you arrive at Ionic VR we will brief you on health and safety and help you get started with the controls. After that you are free to enjoy yourself!
3How many games are available to play?
We have a wide range of games by age and genre. See a partial list here.
4What if we want to stay longer than the booked period?
If there is no one booked after your session you are welcome to buy additional time. If someone is booked after your session you can pre book for another time slot.
5What equipment do you use?
We currently have custom built computer stations and run the HTC Vive Pro headset. These headsets are the top of the line and include high quality headphones, so you get the full immersive experience.
6 Is the equipment clean?
We found most people like clean equipment so we clean the headsets with anti-bacterial wipes after each use to prevent the spread of germs and keep the headsets clean.
7Is walk-in traffic welcome?
Absolutely, but please be aware that you may end up waiting if we are particularly busy. The best way to guarantee no wait is to book online in advance.
8Are there any age restrictions?
There is no age limit to play. We've had ages 4 - 84 participate in virtual reality. Children under 10 will need adult supervision and all participants will need to sign the online waiver.
9 Is a waiver required?
Yes. You can fill out a waiver online prior to arrival. A waiver is required for all participants.
10What is your cancellation policy?
Party and events can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance. Deposits are not refundable.

No shows for booked sessions are not refunded. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance.
11What if my question is not on the list?
Call or email at info@ionicvr.com and we'll contact you as soon as possible!
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